Gyroplane Policy (volunteer compliance)


Adopted August 7, 2001, Yuba County Board of Supervisors

Under the authority granted in Yuba County Ordinance Chapter 2.110, Airport Rules and Regulations, "no person shall operate a hang glider or ultralight aircraft at, onto, or from the Airport without prior approval of the Airport Manager."  Gyroplanes and ultralights over 254 lbs are governed by FAR Parts 61, 91, and other relevant FARs. Operators in this category are requested to participate in the airport's "voluntary" Gyroplane Compliance Policy to assure a safe flying environment. Gyroplanes in the over 254-pound category that desire to rent an aircraft T-hangar at the Yuba County Airport are required to participate in this program.

Approval is based on the following:

  • Gyroplane must be registered with the FAA and must display the "N" number
  • Gyroplane must have a current air worthiness certificate signed by the FAA
  • If a registered pilot, license and medical examination must be current
  • If a student pilot, must be in possession of a current student license and have passed the required medical exam.

The requirements for receiving a pilot's license with a "rotorcraft category and gyroplane class rating" are fully described under FAR 61 and generally include the following:

A person who applies for a private pilot certificate with a rotorcraft category and gyroplane class rating must log at least 40 hours of flight time that includes at least 20 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor and 10 hours of solo flight training in the areas of operation listed in FAR 61.107(b)(4).

The only authorized gyroplane instructor at this time at the Yuba County Airport is Souza Gyroplanes. Instruction and further information is available from the instructor. An authorized instructor of Souza Gyroplanes will verify compliance of these rules and procedures by signature of the "Experimental Aircraft Operation Compliance Certification" and provide specific course rules as specified and approved by the Airport Manager under the authority of Yuba County Ordinance Chapter 2.110.